mingMing Zhang is the founder of MZA Architecture. Before this, he was the president of MulvannyG2 Architecture, one of the largest Architectural design firm in US. In 16 years he has transferred it from a regional retail service firm to a global design firm.

Ming offers a special talent and creativity in the design of high imagery projects. That talent, combined with his special ability to address each client’s specific needs and respect for culture and context, earns him a distinguished reputation as a world class designer. With over 29 years of architectural experience in the United States, Asia, and the Middle East, Ming’s design and planning experience encompasses a broad range of project types including mixed-use, retail, hospitality, office and residential. His influence has literally created a new image for major cities throughout China and the U.S.

Ming is a sought after speaker, particularly in the topics of smart and sustainable building design, high-rise building design, Urban Mixed-Use Development and overall culture and design. He has presented for organizations such as the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), the University of Washington, the American Institute of Architects, and several international architectural design conferences. He is also actively involved in the Asia American community and sit on the Board of Washington State China Relations Council.

Ming has received numerous honors and awards--including the followings:

The 2014 FAIA: The 2014 Jury of Fellows from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) elevated Ming Zhang to its prestigious College of Fellows. The Fellowship program was developed to elevate those few architects who have made a significant contribution to architecture and society and who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession.

The 2008 Top 10 Emerging Designers as featured in the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Magazine

The 2006 Top 20 Most Influential Designers in China Landmark Award from the Chinese Research Center for Urban Development and Environment

The 2004 Asian American “Living Pioneer” by the NW Asian Weekly Foundation.


Master of Architecture, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois
Bachelor of Architecture, Hefei University of Technology, China


Registered Architect in CT, DE, DC, IL, IN, IA, LA, MD, MI, MS, MO, NV, NH, NJ, NY, ND, OH, OK, PA, VT, VA, WA, WI

张铭,FAIA | 总裁
张铭先生拥有30 年的国际设计经验。他设计的项目遍布美国, 中国及中东地区。他在大
型复杂的 城市综合体规划与设计, 公共建筑, 商业建筑, 高层建筑, 绿色环保设计, 以及
建筑与文化等领 域有著深入的研究和声誉。其设计作品获得过众多奖项。他也是广受欢
迎的不同国际学术会议上 的演讲者。除了在建筑领域的贡献, 他还积极参与华人社区以
及中美经济与文化的建设与交流, 比如为华盛顿州中美关系理事会董事。张铭先生因其对
建筑和社会做出的杰出贡献, 于2014 年被选为美国建筑师学会院士。此为美国建筑界最
高荣誉。张铭先生作为中国大陆解放后留美建筑师中的第一位美国建筑师学会的院士, 不
仅是他个人和公司的荣誉, 也是我们海外侨胞和国人的骄傲。张铭先生的部分荣誉包括:
“世界十大中青年设计师”, 世界都市土地协会, 2008 年。 “前20 名最有影响力的设计师”,
中国城市发展与环境研究中心中国地标奖,2006 年 美籍亚裔“杰出先锋奖”, 西北亚洲周
刊基金会,2004 年。
教育背景| 伊利诺伊斯理工大学建筑学硕士学位
执业资格 | 美国建筑师学会院士
美国23 州的注册建筑师
语言| 中文、英语流利


Project Experience

Bellevue International Plaza
Bellevue, Washington

Fuzhou International Youth Center
Fuzhou, China

Redmond City Hall*
Redmond, Washington

Fujian Provincial Power Company Headquarters*
Fuzhou, China

Tacoma Convention Center*
Tacoma, Washington

Shanghai Fudan Hotel*
Shanghai, China

Huawei Beijing Environmental Technology Park*
Beijing, China

Jiangsu Power Company Headquarters*
Nanjing, China

China Construction Bank Center*
Xiamen, China

Bellevue Towers*
Bellevue, Washington

Multiple Mixed-Use Projects for CRL in China*
Nantong, Wuhan, Taizhou

Multiple Mixed-Use Projects for Suning in China*
Beijing, Chengdu, and Shantou

Wuxi Ying Hui Center*
Wuxi, China

*Projects completed prior to joining MZA




With over 30 years of architectural experience in managing complex residential, community, hospitality, higher education, and mixed-use commercial projects, Craig finds it rewarding and refreshing to create spaces that are beautiful, but also functional and cost-effective. Craig’s responsibilities as a Principal-in-Charge also include document preparation, specifications, design, and construction administration. He is exceptionally skilled at communicating the design team’s ideas to his clients, and listening to the needs of his clients and the community.

Craig’s longstanding history as an architect, coupled with his recent experience working as a developer’s representative at R.C. Hedreen, a local Seattle mixed-use developer, means he understands what it takes to create the best possible project from every angle. His ability to master overall project management while keeping quality assurance and client goals in check, brings each of his projects continual success.


Bachelor in Architecture from Arizona State University


Registered Architect in Washington
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). LEED Accredited Professional

克雷格 · 达文波特,LEED AP, AIA | 副总裁
柯雷格具有30 多年的建筑设计经验, 涉足住宅、公共、酒店、教育、商业综合体等各类
大型综合项 目。在追求美观的同时, 功能性与经济性也是他的重要考量之一。作为一名
出色的项目负责人, 他全 面负责设计、施工图以及施工配合。他在业主与设计团队的沟
通中起到了桥梁作用。设计理念传达给 业主的同时, 业主与社区的诉求也被融入设计之中。
除了长期的建筑设计经验, 房地产开发公司的工作经历也使得柯雷格知晓如何全方位打造
一个成功的 项目。他出色的管理能力保证了设计品质与业主目标的实现, 从而使得他经
教育背景 | 亚利桑那大学建筑学学士学位
执业资格 | 华盛顿州注册建筑师
美国绿色建筑协会LEED 认证
语言| 英语流利

Project Experience

Bellevue International Plaza
Bellevue, Washington

Multiple Mixed-Use Projects for Suning in China*
Chengdu, and Shantou

China Resources*
Taizhou, Nantong, and Wuhan

Bellevue Towers*
Bellevue, Washington

Raycom Infotech Park*
Beijing, China

Wuxi Yinghui Center*
Wuxi, China

W Seattle Hotel*
Seattle, Washington

Hyatt at Olive 8*
Seattle, Washington

*Projects completed prior to joining MZA




As a Senior Designer, Peter is the perfect combination of creativity and technical know-how. He has more than 10 years of experience designing mixed-use, corporate office interiors, retail, hospitality, multi-family residential, and master planning projects on an international scale. Peter visualizes design around the client’s needs; combining culture, space, and aesthetic quality, he creates spaces that are purposefully constructed to be as unique and functional as the client imagined. For Peter, design is not just work, it is his lifelong passion.

Having worked with MulvannyG2’s top international clients, Peter knows successful projects depend on communication, collaboration, coordination, and trust. Peter helps ensures this trust by developing design standards which run seamlessly with the client’s goals for successful implementation through project completion. He not only collaborates with the client and his own team, but with consultants and contractors as well, to ensure each project is on time and on budget. With his tenacious drive and enthusiastic ability to develop meaningful solutions, Peter is truly a one-of-a-kind designer ideal for any project.


Master of Architecture from the University of Illinois
Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, from the Southern Illinois University


LEED Accredited Professional

彼得· 谢里尔,LEED AP | 高级设计师
职业资格|美国绿建筑协会LEED 认证

Project Experience

Bellevue International Plaza
Bellevue, Washington

Fuzhou International Youth Center
Fuzhou, China

Enatai Residence
Bellevue, Washington

Suning Panjin Plaza*
Panjin, China

Suning Wuhan Mixed- Use*
Wuhan, China

Suning Suzhou Shilu*
Suzhou, China

CRL Nantong Mixed-Use*
Nantong, China

WEAC CBD Mixed-Use*
Hangzhou, China

Shihao Mixed-Use*
Chengdu, China

Xi’an Yihai Shopping Center*
Xi’an, China

CRL Wuhan Mixed-use*
Wuhan, China

CRL Zibo Mixed-use*
Zibo, China

CRL Taizhou Mixed-use*
Taizhou, China

*Projects completed prior to joining MZA




With over a decade of experience, Frank has completed numerous master planning projects ranging from urban mixed-use centers to new town center developments. With his deep knowledge of how each market component functions in a mixed-use project, Frank develops design solutions that create lively environments for people to live, work, and play. Frank firmly believes the best design solution often comes from understanding his clients’ vision. Frank’s active and collaborative style with clients and teammates keeps everyone engaged in the design process and ultimately results in better designs.

With the combination of his diverse project experience and his innovative design approach, Frank works closely with clients to ensure they reach their goals, both aesthetically and financially.


Bachelor of Architecture, Washington State University


Registered Architect in Washington, LEED Accredited Professional
ICSC CDP (Certified Development, Design and Construction Professional)

卢定宇,AIA, LEED AP, CDP |资深建筑师
美国绿建筑协会LEED 认证

Project Experience

Bellevue International Plaza
Bellevue, Washington

Fuzhou International Youth Center
Fuzhou, China

Shihao Center*
Chengdu, China

Seattle, Washington

Olive 8*
Seattle, Washington

Hiroshima Ballpark Town*
Hiroshima, Japan

Taipei, Taiwan

Ashikaga Harvest Place*
Ashikaga, Japan

Ayala Greenbelt 3*
Manlia, Philippines

*Projects completed prior to joining MZA




Kant has been practicing architecture since 1988, and has delivered millions of square feet of hotels, office buildings, sport facilities, civic centers, and residential design. He offers a wealth of experience, knowledge and insight. Kant has combined his skills and practical experience on a number of significant projects and project types. While focusing on design, Kant has also enhanced his abilities to master a variety of design tools such as Revit, a Building Information Model software program used in the design process. Kant is MZA's technology visioning expert. He works closely with our clients to ensure that all aesthetic and user expectations are met.


Masters of Architecture, University of Washington
Bachelor of Architecture, Chulalongkom University, Thailand
Architectural Lighting Design Certificate, the University of Washington


Registered Architect in Washington
Professional level license in Thailand

康德·初蒂恭,AIA| 项目运营经理
康德自从1988 年便开始从事建筑设计行业。他参与设计的项目面积总共已超过了十万平
方 米, 其中包括酒店、写字楼、运动场馆、市政中心以及住宅。他拥有丰富的经验、知
识和深刻见解。 在许多不同类型的重大项目中, 康德完美的结合了他的设计技能与实践
经验。专注于设计的同时, 康德还精通多种多样的设计工具, 例如运用于设计进程中的建
筑信息模型软件——Revit。因此, 康德成为了MZA 的技术远景专家。并且, 他善于与客
户保持良好的沟通, 以保证同时满足客户需求与美学需求。


Project Experience

Bellevue International Plaza
Bellevue, Washington

Seattle Grand Hyatt Hotel*
Seattle, Washington

Redmond City Hall*
Redmond, Washington

Sichuan Neijiang Xiejiahe Mixed-Use*
Neijiang, China

Ningbo Romon Universal City*
Ningbo, China

Luneng Jinan Elite City Shopping Center & Mixed-Use*
Jinan, China

Harbin Yongtai*
Harbin, China

*Projects completed prior to joining MZA




A background in business combined with his experience as a developer's representative are a part of the fabric of Kevin's daily decision making as he works to take a design from concept to reality. This background provides him a keen understanding of his client's business needs, allowing Kevin to work in lock step with clients to ensure that their vision for each project is realized while maximizing the value they receive for it. Over his 13 years of architectural practice, Kevin has developed a reputation for a laser focus and relentless pursuit of project goals as it goes from initial concept to reality. He takes a holistic approach to project management, looking at each part of the project on its own and as part of the whole, as he works with a client and the wide range of consultants necessary to see a project to completion. He enjoys the entire process of a project and is truly excited by the complexity that mixed-use, large scale developments provide and relishes solving the challenges that can arise throughout the course of a project. Kevin considers it his personal responsibility to see that all of the components are coming together, never losing site of his client's needs and original goals.


Master of Science in Construction Administration, University of Denver
Masters of Business Administration, University of Denver
Bachelor in Architecture, University of Arizona


Registered Architect in Washington and Colorado
Nation Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)


Licensed Architect in State of Washington and Colorado Nation Council of Architectural Registration Boards Certified

凯文·萨顿 | 运营总监
变为现实为其做决策的准则。同时, 这些背景让他深切地体会到客户的商业需求,因此
文13 年的建筑实践中,凯文以不断追寻项目目标使其从初步概念转变为现实而享有名誉。


Project Experience

Bellevue International Plaza
Bellevue, Washington

Enatai Residence
Bellevue, Washington

West Coast Self Storage*
Seattle, Washington

Hiawatha Apartments*
Seattle, Washington

Bellevue Towers*
Bellevue, Washington

Urban Impact Housing Development*
Seattle, Washington

The Esplanade*
Tacoma, Washington

AlTahlia Office Building*
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

*Projects completed prior to joining MZA

TONY REN | Project Director (Shanghai, China)

Tony REN

Having been working for over nearly 30 years, Tony Ren has rich experience in architectural design and management. He has worked for over 10 years as a senior architect in East China Architectural Design & Research Institute under Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Design Group, one of China’s top architectural design companies. He has presided over the design of various buildings from high-end residential buildings to large complex buildings, with projects all over China. As a senior Chinese National Grade-one Certified Architect, he is very familiar with Chinese architectural design specifications and has great skills in field solution for design coordination problems. Tony Ren as MZA’s China Project Director comprehensively responsible for solving technological problems of all China projects. With exceptional professional skills rich field problem-solving skills and keen insight in understanding customer needs, he has ensured that MZA customer’s each project could be settled and completed successfully.


Master of Architecture, University of New South Wales Bachelor of Architecture, Hefei University of Technology


Chinese National Grade-1 Certified Architect Senior Architect

任飞| 项目总监(中国上海) 任飞具有丰富的建筑设计与管理经验, 从业近30年, 曾十多年任职中国顶级建筑设计公司 — 上海现 代建筑设计集团 华东建筑设计院 的高级建筑师。主持设计了各类建筑,从高级居住建筑到大型综合 体建筑,项目遍布中国各地。作为资深的中国一级注册建筑师,十分熟悉中国建筑设计规范,并具有现 场解决设计配合问题的超高能力。任飞作为MZA 驻中国项目总监,全面负责解决所有中国项目的技 术问题,其出色的专业技能与丰富的现场处理问题能力,以及敏锐的了解客户需求的洞察能力, 确保 MZA客户的每项工程得以顺利落地并取得成功。 教育背景|新南威尔士大学建筑学硕士 合肥工业大学建筑学学士 职业资格|中国国家一级注册建筑师 高级建筑师 语言|中文、英语流利





上海凯迪大厦 上海桂林科技园区



广州大一山庄 45#(定制)别墅








pat farleyAs Principal, Patrick brings more than 35 years of consulting experience to his clients. Through advanced project management methods for work ranging from the two beautiful new Boys and Girls Club facilities in his home town here in Bellevue, to high rise towers on both sides of Lake Washington, Patrick makes each project personal. Good design and technical execution fit together to provide the right environment for a smooth construction process. As an industry consultant, Patrick has contributed to a group of distinct projects across the country, valued in the billions of dollars.


B. Arch, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, 1980
Additional Study: Construction Law 1998, University of Washington


Registered Architect, Idaho 1983 and Washington 1986

Professional Experience

MZA Architecture, Principal
Bellevue, WA
2018 - Present

MG2 Corporation, Sr. Project Manager
Seattle, WA 2005 - 2018

Patrick Farley Inc., Industry Consultant
Bellevue, WA 2002- 2005

Marx/Okubo, AVP
Seattle, WA 1992-2001

CNA Architecture Group
Seattle, WA 1990- 1992

Charles Kober and Associates
Seattle, WA 1984-1990

Selected Project List

Mira 2 Tower
Bellevue, Washington

5th & Stewart Hotel and Apartments*
Seattle, Washington

3rd & Virginia Condominium and Office*
Seattle, Washington

Costco Headquarters Campus Office and Garage*
Issaquah, Washington

2nd & Virginia (Tower 12) Apartments*
Seattle, Washington

Kohl's Innovation Center*
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Boys and Girls Club Fieldhouse*
Bellevue, Washington

Boys and Girls Club Main Campus*
Bellevue, Washington

City Target*
Seattle, Washington

Kroger-QFC Flaship Improvements: Parking and Retail Plaza*
Seattle, Washington

The Galleria*
Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Escala Condominium*
Seattle, Washington

*Projects completed prior to joining MZA

EVA YU-Chieh Hou | Director of Marketing (Shanghai, China)

Eva portait

Eva has an outstanding marketing and business development skills. She has over 10 years experiences in serving international and local brand Companies in China. She always puts herself into client’s angle in looking and solving their needs. She is always positive and enjoys working with and helping others. These makes her the best customer service role and very effective in coordinating between client and our internal team members. In return it maximizes client’s benefit from the effective design communication process.



Master of Management, University of Wollongong

侯又婕| 市场总监(中国上海)

侯又婕拥有卓越的市场行销能力 , 在设计行业为跨国品牌与国内企业服务有十多年的经验。 她乐 观认真,十分重视客户的需求,从项目启始到成果递交 , 她会不断地从客户的角度看待问题,与设 计团队做有效沟通 , 为客户达到最大的设计效益。