Chainqui’s 42-story Belltown tower back to design review
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Chainqui’s 42-story Belltown tower back to design review

May 19, 2021

The main tower would begin with a dramatic Y-stem taper above its two landmarked buildings below.
The north podium extension’s new facade would seek to emulate older buildings in Belltown.

Real Estate Editor

Chainqui Development is now into its sixth year of planning a high rise at 2005 Fifth Ave., on the corner of Virginia Street in Belltown.

It owns the site, but the mixed-use project has been hindered by two main obstacles. First, the two old buildings it had hoped to remove were landmarked after the 2015 land sale. Second, there are tower-separation issues with Vulcan Real Estate’s planned apartment tower to the north, at Lenora Street.

MZA Architecture last briefed the city’s Landmarks Preservation Board in December on the 42-story, 329-unit plan, which would raise a new tower above the protected old facades. Now it’s going back to the city’s design review board, in a virtual meeting to be held on June 15. Nothing much has changed from December, and we’ll recap a few details below.

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