“MZA-designed OCT Sanya Happy East Coast project” won the Gold Award for Commercial Space Design at Shanghai International Design Week.
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“MZA-designed OCT Sanya Happy East Coast project” won the Gold Award for Commercial Space Design at Shanghai International Design Week.

November 24, 2023

Shanghai Design Week 

The 2021 Commercial Real Estate Design Award, initiated by Shanghai International Design Week, has “Urban Symbols” as its theme and aims to collect globally designed commercial space projects with a sense of design. It seeks to convey the voice of urban renewal and jointly outline the blueprint of future real estate design through the collaborative efforts of the design, real estate, and supply chain systems.

In 2021, the Commercial Real Estate Design Award lasted for 234 days and attracted 2,105 commercial space projects from around the world through an open call. After multiple levels of scrutiny and selection by industry experts and mentors, MING ZHANG, the CEO/Chief Architect of MZA Architecture and Design, was awarded the annual gold award (2021-2022) for commercial space design.

MING ZHANG’s designs have created brand new landmark images for major cities in China and the United States. He has deep research experience in the fields of urban design, low-carbon sustainable building design and research, super-tall building design, urban commercial complex design, culture, and design. In China, he has led the design of 60 cities and more than 100 large-scale urban planning and architectural design projects, and has won numerous design awards. These include being named a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA) in 2015 and receiving the UNESCO Architectural Art Award in 2018. He also serves in various social responsibilities, including being a director/vice-chairman of the Washington State China Relations Council, and has been warmly received by national leaders.

MZA Architecture

1911 116th Ave. NE Suite 101, Bellevue, WA 98004 

Awarded Project

Sanya Happy East Coast

OCT Sanya Happy East Coast is a business destination for all visitors who want to get close to nature and is committed to creating a new landmark in Hainan Free Trade Port, the Sanya Central Business District (CBD), and the East Coast Headquarters Economic Zone.

The East Coast Wetland Park in the north is just a road away, like a backyard of one’s own. The design fully demonstrates the characteristics of Sanya’s leisure and vacation, as well as the advantages of the special location of the site: creating a place for the organic transition between the city and nature. The flowing architecture is a natural embellishment, and visitors stroll through the jungle. The warm and subtle architectural language originates from Hainan’s unique cultural context. Whether it’s the arcade along the street, the rich and natural landscapes, or the three-dimensional gardens, people move around and feel the charm of Sanya and nature everywhere. The lush and diverse landscape connects and covers the entire project. Trees shield the harsh tropical sun, and the gentle breeze from the South China Sea blows, and the blooming flowers emit a pleasant fragrance. It will leave a lasting impression on every guest on the trail, creating a pleasant and relaxed vacation environment.

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