Our Process
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At MZA, it’s personal.


We are deeply experienced and highly nimble.
“We listen first, explore ideas together and challenge each other. The end results are always better when it’s a sum of all parts.” — Ming Zhang, CEO

Working with MZA is different – for all the right reasons. Our personal approach and attention to detail is reflected at every step of the process and from every member of our team. We started MZA to get closer to our clients through a boutique firm approach.


From early conceptual design efforts to final project completion, MZA works as a team – a close-knit, highly experienced group who pride themselves in bringing out the best in each other and in each project. Our team’s goal is to be personally invested in the success of every project we do. To that end, we’re committed to delivering design excellence coupled with an enduring client relationship.

Our founder – world-renowned, award-winning designer Ming Zhang – is closely connected to all we do. Ming instills a passion for design coupled with a collaborative, rewarding experience. Every project provides an exciting opportunity for a collective, thoughtful creative process personally designed to meet – and exceed – our clients’ expectations.

“I always start the design process with one question in mind: what will make people come to this place again and again?”— Ming Zhang, CEO

Each project is unique.

We are known and recognized for our creativity at every scale. We focus on value creation through the design of projects that adhere to budgetary, environmental, and other important considerations. We understand the need to listen to our client’s needs and vision, while balancing time and costs in order to seamlessly deliver a positive and rewarding experience.


We are also cognizant of the impact of our projects on the local community, urban fabric, and the environment. Our method is to plan projects to take advantage of site context, solar orientation, and other sustainable considerations from the earliest stages of design to provide solutions that exemplify the public realm, reduce the impact on the environment, and optimize energy use for the building.

At MZA, we are connected to our work, our team, and – most importantly – to our clients. We look forward to connecting with you as you embark on your design journey.