Guangqiang Su
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Guangqiang Su

Project Manager & Business Development Director (Shanghai Office)

Guangqiang Su is the project leader in the MZA Shanghai office. He is mainly responsible for design project management and market development. Before joining MZA, Su worked in East China Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. (one of the largest design companies in China) and Deloitte Consulting. He has more than 6 years of Multi-Function project design management experience. Su is an excellent project manager by taking charge of the organization, management, and coordination of all the design work of a given project. He effectively communicates and coordinates with all the participants of a project on behalf of the external design team. Su excels at organizing and managing the internal representative units, design teams, and consulting contractors. As an exceptional leader, Su takes full responsibility for the quality, progress, and cost of all the design work of any given project to ensure that the project is completed with quality and quantity guaranteed as scheduled.


Master of Science, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

Bachelor of Engineering, Tianjin College of Beijing University of
Science and Technology, China

Project Experience


OCT Haikou Mixed Use

Haikou, China


OCT Sanya Happy East Coast Mixed Use

Sanya, China


Pudong Sanjia Resort

Shanghai, China


Fuzhou Mindu Academician Village

Fuzhou, China


Nanhui Zifei Port Park Servide Building

Shanghai, China


Dayingshan New City Center Mixed Use

Haikou, China


New Terminal of Urumqi International Airport*

Urumqi, China


EXPO Green Valley*

Shanghai, China


Greenland Tower*

Wuhan, China


*Projects completed prior to joining MZA