Updated design presented for new tower at 5th & Virginia
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Updated design presented for new tower at 5th & Virginia

February 07, 2022


Original Article by DAVID LEON

Chainqui Development and MZA Architects unveiled their latest design proposal for a tower at 2005 5th Avenue in early January 2022. Situated on the northwest corner of 5th Avenue and Virginia Street, adjacent to the 5th Avenue monorail track and across from the Hotel Andra, the 19,500 square-foot site has been a focal point for development discussions. This marks the third presentation of early design guidance since December 2017.

Significantly, the existing buildings on the property, the Griffin (1927) and the Sheridan (1914), have attained historic landmark status since the project’s inception. Consequently, the new tower design has adapted to preserve the heritage of these structures. The latest plans prioritize retaining the retail and office spaces within the Griffin, and maintaining residential use in the Sheridan.

Embracing principles of New Formalism, a style popularized in the 1950s, the tower’s design pays homage to iconic Seattle landmarks such as Minoru Yamasaki’s Rainier Tower and the Pacific Science Center. Setback and tapering of the tower base from the landmarked buildings are key features of the design.

Additionally, the façade of the new tower incorporates elements reminiscent of diverging tree branches, adding a touch of natural inspiration to the urban landscape. The proposed development includes 3,800 square feet of retail space, 464 residential units spanning 444,981 square feet, 18,250 square feet of office space, and 312 underground parking stalls.

This project marks Chainqui’s third endeavor in Seattle since 2014, adding to their portfolio which includes another development in West Seattle and the O2 apartments in Belltown. Notable contributors to the project include KPFF as the civil engineer, Rushing as the MEP/lighting/energy consultant, GCH as the landscape designer, and Studio TJP as the historic preservation architect.